We have specially designed floor coatings to hold up to the toughest industrial settings.

With any industrial environment we understand that you can have an array of factors that will decide what the best Industrial floor coating is for you. Moisture levels can play a big part of the type of coating you want to put down. If you have the problem of high moisture levels it can not only attract mold but be a cause for repeated floor repairs.

We have unique and tested epoxy paints that not only tolerate damp conditions; they also stop mold growth and are very strong. We will always recommend a test is done to show you just how good our epoxy system is before you decide to get the whole floor area painted. This way you can have us put the epoxy paint down on patches that are blistering and not looking to good so we can show you just how good our floor surfacing epoxy is.

  • Clean room floors and walls to comply with USDA requirements or another agency. These floors are anti bacterial and have a non slip feature and can also withstand damp environments if you are constantly cleaning the floors.
  • ESD floor systems are known for the excellent abrasion qualities and chemical resistance. With the added bonus of UV resistance you will find the floor keeps its color through its lifetime.
  • Urethane Flooring Systems come in a range of finishes with various abilities. There are self leveling systems with natural quartz aggregate. You will also get slip resistance and an excellent finish.

The benefits of having these floors installed will help reduce floor maintenance on a yearly basis and also cut cleaning costs. They will also reflect light back in to the room which can save massively on lighting a place and keeping workings alert at all hours. If any spills do happen the floor is sealed so you can clear up the spillage quickly.

Safety is another factor to have these floors installed as the non slip element will save workers having any accidents. The floor will be lighter and show any spills better so this will help people avoid any tripping hazards. Areas can also be marked out in different epoxy paint color to display safe areas for staff to work and areas for them to be aware of. We always have options for any industrial area’s you are thinking of getting coated so it’s always best to contact us and request an epoxy and industrial flooring specialist comes out to inspect the site and give you some recommendations.