Should it be a large commercial project that you need taking care of like a shopping mall plaza or a small retail store we have the appropriate epoxy solutions to suit any commercial environment.

Since Floor Coating Florida was formed we have built a well known brand here in Florida and we have worked on some big projects. We have epoxy coated college football grounds and airports. We have worked on big hospitals and banks. Food department stores and well known chain restaurants and even theme parks and hotels. All of our work has been admired and changed the face of many a business and its landscape for the better whist providing features that make it more practical for cleaning and safety purposes.

Epoxy is great because it can come with certain applications that can keep an area sterile and easy to clean whilst looking great. Places like concession areas which has large amounts of foot traffic. Walkways to provide a safe non slip surface to general members of the public. And food preparation areas such as kitchens that need cleaning constantly. Epoxy is the perfect remedy for this and our flooring solutions offer this to you.

If you have a commercial area that needs flooring then we can come out and take a look at it and work out a price per Square Foot. We normally have a few great price options that will cover things like non slip being added and UV protected floors to keep the color of the paint for the duration of its life. We take all this in to account when we visit you to provide you with the best option to suit the environment you have. If you are unsure about what color floor you want and what you need then you don’t have to worry because our epoxy flooring team has been working in this business for years and they will guide you through the process and come up with a solution to your flooring needs.