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08/22/2014 21:48
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Welcome to Floor Coatings Florida - (888) 559-0670

Being Florida’s leading floor coating specialist we have the ability to transform any commercial or industrial space with ease. It’s amazing just how transformative a new floor can add to a space and we can give you this with some of our protective and specially designed and approved floors.

The coatings we specialize in are heavy duty epoxy coatings that are moisture resistant and are high performance. We have various epoxy coatings for specific jobs such as self leveling, two component flooring systems. Trowelable epoxy for resurfacing purposes that also levels old floors. We have joint filler and sealer epoxy that is resilient and is a polymer hybrid. Crack filler epoxy which is specially designed to seal and smooth floors.

We have epoxy paints that are suited to any environment. Our chemical resistant paint seals the floors to make sure any nasty spills are contained on the surface of the floor so they are easily cleanable. These floors are normally installed in chemical factories, mechanic garages and refueling areas.

We use the best quality epoxy to get the job done. There are some substandard paints out there that just don’t provide the thickness needed to coat an area and you will notice after a while these will wear down. We only use the best that provide a lasting seal that will hold up to the harshest wear and tear. We know how good the product we use is because we constantly install it in places that have a great deal of foot traffic and vehicle use on a daily basis. Our epoxy floor coatings are also USDA Approved which is very important as there are many companies out there that are not. All of our work is well planned and it does not take long to install the epoxy once we get started. We make sure the prep work is all done correctly so you will not have flooring issues further on down the road.

We make our floors also slip resistant so workers can go about their business without the fear of falling over and hurting themselves. With the solid colors we have an impressive quartz flooring system that not only makes cleaning the floor very easy but it also seals it so its water proof. We can create an array of designs using a choice of various different colors.



Floor Coatings Florida